Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fake Economists at the EPI

From a CNN story:
"This reflects a stark reality in America: in the face of the rising cost of living for low-wage workers, the federal government is not guaranteeing a fair wage," said Mary Gable, an EPI economist, in a statement.
I also noticed that our government refuses to guarantee the existence of unicorns and leprechauns, how very disappointed I am in them. However, my interest is in them claiming Mary Gable to be an economist. She is not, she has a bachelors in political science and a masters in social services. I wonder if CNN assumed she was an economist, or if EPI presented her as one (i.e. sloppy journalism or a dishonest EPI). It should be noted that EPI does have several PhD economists on staff, so its not a supply problem on their end, probably just a product problem.


danarch said...

I'm waiting for the government to guarantee that my workplace provide at least 2 hours of paid time for me to sleep or play video games. Also I want them to provide me with teleportation technology because gas is too expensive.

I think this lady isn't an economist, she just plays one on You can be whatever you want these days on

Anonymous said...

The error is that her official job title is "policy analyst", not "economist". It seems like we'd agree that having a PhD should not be a requirement to be called an economist.javascript:void(0)

Justin M Ross said...

It would seem that some formal training in economics would be required, which is why I referred to here bachelors and masters work. I was also pointing out that they have people employed who have the highest level of education in economics (phd), but I was not claiming that only a PhD can be considered an economist.