Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Reality of Politics: North Carolina Gubernatorial Edition

Our good friend Mike Munger-- part of the select group of people-you-must-absolutely-have-a-drink-with-at-some-point-in-your-life, as well as the chair of the Political Science Department at Duke University-- is running for Governor of North Carolina as a Libertarian. Fantastic, right? Well, things have gotten, in his words, "weird." No matter how much political economy we do, it is still shocking to know that things can and do turn out like this. Maybe I'll get desensitized to it at some point; I hope not.

Anyhow, go to Mike's campaign site and give the nominal $25 on July 3 or July 4.

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danarch said...

This guy is too awesome to ever win an election in any of the 50 states (maybe Vermont).