Sunday, July 20, 2008

Follow Up: Interpreting Raul's Socialist Redefinition

Following this post, I asked Professor William Trumbull if I can take Raul Castro's redefinition of socialism as a good sign for Cuba's future. His response via e-mail (printed with his permission):
Does sound good. But no, unless it is in a perestroika kind of sense where they lose control and all hell breaks loose leading to system collapse. The whole point of this (as in perestroika) is to save the socialist system by introducing limited individual incentives. Notice that not a whole lot of political prisoners have been released. In any case, the idea is certainly not to replace the socialist system with capitalism or even, I think, the go down the China road of economic freedom combined with one-party political repression.
(note: "perestroika" link added by Justin)
Professor Trumbull's links on the Economics of Cuba can be found here.

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