Friday, September 26, 2008

Ah, college football and bad policy...

Now, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, so there were a lot of options when it came to sports. Three of the major sports were represented for the duration of my childhood, and the NHL came along about the time I was in middle school. On top of that, there was Stanford and Cal representing the Pac-10, and San Jose State, Santa Clara and USF all played a host of Division I sports.

So when I moved to Morgantown, it was interesting to see how West Virginia University dominated the sports scene here. Yes, there are some Pirates fans, and a few more Steelers and Penguins fans, but it's generally the Mountaineers that people care about.

But one thing's for certain: The state would never "care" this much. It must be an SEC thing. (The speed! The power! The fury! God help us all!)

While there's so many margins in which to slice this one up (knowledge problem, anticipation by businesses of demand shocks, governments-as-companies, pricing system, etc., etc...), I think my favorite part of this is the "An action like this is serious business...and the Georgia/Alabama football is exactly the kind of serious business that calls for dire measures like this" mindset.

Good times!

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