Friday, September 12, 2008

We have a StubHub winner!

I enjoy college football as much as the next person, so I, like the rest of the country, am looking forward to this weekend's USC/Ohio State matchup. This bit about the game, though, has an interesting fact:

"On Wednesday afternoon, StubHub declared this game the best-selling regular-season game since it went into business in 2000, with an average ticket price greater than $400 and ticket buyers in 45 states."

Now that's saying something. Yes, the stadium is big, but so is the Rose Bowl and they hold that every year, and every four years the National Championship is there. I presume "best-selling" means highest volume. Also-- I would think that an early season matchup like this wouldn't see the turnover in tickets. Consider if this game were later in the year; yes, it would be a big game, but if one of them lost prior to their going head-to-head, you could imagine many people choosing to flip their ticket since the game wouldn't mean as much.

Maybe StubHub is more popular in California? The article said tickets were sold to people for this game in 45 states. There are other large college stadiums that play host to big games as well...perhaps the StubHub market saturation isn't there yet.

Addendum: I just noticed the quote mentioned regular-season, so ignore the Rose Bowl part (though the Rose Bowl is used for regular season games as well).

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