Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Forbes' Most Valuable Sports Teams

Here is Forbes' rundown of the most valuable soccer teams in the world; Barcelona seems low and Schalke seems far too high. (Is Manchester United really two-and-a-half times that of Barcelona? That surprises me.)

I believe Manchester United would then be the most valuable sports franchise in the world; the most valuable non-soccer team would be the Dallas Cowboys at $1.6 billion, football teams are here, basketball teams are here, hockey teams are here, and baseball teams are here.

I just noticed-- three of the seven lowest valued baseball teams have qualified for the playoffs, as did five of the top 10. Obviously, payrolls are connected (at least loosely) to team value, and it seems to have been that the teams which are successful in the recent past (last 8-10 seasons) are those either near the top in payroll or near the bottom...I wouldn't think a bimodal outcome could persist, and maybe it won't, but it has recently.

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