Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Wife the Behavioral Economist II

See the first post on this here.

Two shows I don't watch: Heroes and 24

Why? A self-imposed constraint that comes from my wife, whose argument can be summed as the following:
If we start watching it, chances are it will be as good as everyone says and we will love it. We will watch every episode already released to DVD and watch it every week, making it harder for us to do other things we would enjoy.
In short, this is an opportunity cost minimizing strategy. We are intentionally not exposing ourselves to a show that we would enjoy because we do not think we would have the self-control to adhere to the proper constraints that should accompany it.

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Steamboat Lion said...

"This is an opportunity cost minimising strategy"

How do you know that until you know how good Heroes is (very good)? It may be better than something you are currently doing in which case you are most definitely NOT maximising your utility...