Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fake Economists at the EPI

From a CNN story:
"This reflects a stark reality in America: in the face of the rising cost of living for low-wage workers, the federal government is not guaranteeing a fair wage," said Mary Gable, an EPI economist, in a statement.
I also noticed that our government refuses to guarantee the existence of unicorns and leprechauns, how very disappointed I am in them. However, my interest is in them claiming Mary Gable to be an economist. She is not, she has a bachelors in political science and a masters in social services. I wonder if CNN assumed she was an economist, or if EPI presented her as one (i.e. sloppy journalism or a dishonest EPI). It should be noted that EPI does have several PhD economists on staff, so its not a supply problem on their end, probably just a product problem.


Dana said...

I'm waiting for the government to guarantee that my workplace provide at least 2 hours of paid time for me to sleep or play video games. Also I want them to provide me with teleportation technology because gas is too expensive.

I think this lady isn't an economist, she just plays one on You can be whatever you want these days on

Matt M said...

The error is that her official job title is "policy analyst", not "economist". It seems like we'd agree that having a PhD should not be a requirement to be called an economist.javascript:void(0)

Justin M Ross said...

It would seem that some formal training in economics would be required, which is why I referred to here bachelors and masters work. I was also pointing out that they have people employed who have the highest level of education in economics (phd), but I was not claiming that only a PhD can be considered an economist.