Friday, April 10, 2009

Markets In Everything: Obama's ASU Commencement

From the CHE:
Some of the university’s seniors are offering their tickets to his May 13 commencement speech on Craigslist for $60 to $100 apiece, and others are auctioning their tickets on eBay, according to CNN. Seniors can pick up as many as six free tickets to the event, scheduled for the university’s Sun Devil Stadium, which has a game-day capacity of 71,706. But not all seniors plan to attend — in part because of the inconvenience caused by the president’s presence. “You have to get through security, then you have to hear him speak, and then you have to get out,” said a student who told CNN he’s not going.
The university announced on a graduation Web page that no student could take “any action to sell, trade, or barter the ticket, or to assign or transfer the ticket for any consideration whatsoever.”
True to CHE form, the comments start to turn batshit crazy by #3.


Jason O said...

First, Jay Leno in Detroit upset that people are selling tickets to his show which he provided for free. Now, ASU!

It is funny how these people CLAIM to want to help the poor and less fortunate yet become upset when people try an improve their situation.


Seems a little paternalistic to me. If people can only improve their situation in ways that Leno and ASU approve of.

Long Live Capitalism! (Please)

Frank said...

I wonder if he'll deliver the commencement address in Austrian ...