Thursday, September 25, 2008

Justin Ross's I am Not

More struggles with the DMV's of America that have resulted in my circulating copies of my birth certificate, passport, drivers license, and social secuirty card (all in a single envelope(s)) make me feel obligated to define who I am not:
  • I am not a New Yorker speeding through Massachusetts on August 15th, 2002. As the internet will tell you, I was setting a (short-lived) speeding record of a different kind on that day in Dayton, Ohio.
  • I am not a 29-year old in Topeka, Kansas with multiple parking tickets.
  • I am definitely not Maryland State Delegate Justin Ross, who unlike me supports video game regulations, bans on gambling, tuition subsidies, and the Healthy Air Act.
  • I am not the JR led by Jesus, but good for those who are, as there are far worse people to follow (here and here).
  • Unfortunately, I cannot dance on ice or play in a band. Hopefully these links will help redirect the constant onslaught of mistaken groupies.

1 comment:

Matt E. Ryan said...

I'm not the current Atlanta Falcons/former Boston College quarterback. This also means I didn't stay in the running for the Heisman last year for 2/3 of the season.

However, shirts touting "Matt Ryan for Heisman" are always appreciated.