Friday, September 05, 2008

Those tricky phone numbers strike again...

A few days ago, I linked to a story concerning the University of Central Florida, a teleconference, and a misprinted phone number that led to a adult phone service. Well, football fans weren't only ones misdirected; you got the same treatment if you wanted to order some duck stamps.

Granted, the value of remembering phone numbers is pretty low these days-- when I was in high school, I could remember hundreds of them, both by necessity and since my brain remembers number well, but now I just shove them all into my cell phone-- but can we attribute these incidents to that fact? I can't say I find myself writing phone numbers incorrectly any more frequently than I used to; if anything, since I'm not dealing with phone numbers as frequently, I take more care to know that it's right.

Also, note the government's position that the printing error would be too expensive to correct. Too expensive? Since when did the government restrain activity on the grounds of it being too expensive? Which government are we talking about here? Because I'd like to see our government curtail a lot of activity on the grounds that it's too expensive.

Do we need to make a category for these events now? One more and I'm going for it.


Justin M Ross said...

Surprisingly, there was no need for the government to legislate the libertarian paternalism of cell phone contacts.

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