Friday, October 10, 2008

Another day, another politically motivated voodoo death ritual...

Think I can't top Justin's gonorrhea/beer prices post? Well, here goes:

Thompson said he's still trying to make sense of a Cobb police report that alleges District 4 Commissioner Annette Kesting met with a high priestess of voodoo in South Carolina and paid the priestess to perform a "death ritual" on him.

Yes, an incumbent Commissioner in Georgia met with a high priestess in South Carolina to put a death ritual on her opponent.

My thoughts:

- There weren't any voodoo priestesses in Georgia that could do the job? Maybe the one in South Carolina was superior. Here's to division of labor!

- Dana, care to comment on the legal aspect of this? According to a South Carolina sheriff's office, "payment for a death ritual is illegal and would be considered a 'solicitation of hire for murder.'" I'm taking it that Georgia's law officials don't see it the same way. I can't say this is a crime yet at this point any more than wishing someone trips on stage during a debate. Now, if something were to actually happen to her opponent, would this change? Should it change?

- Great line that speaks exactly to the probability of this death ritual request actually occurring:

"Who would make this up?" [Thompson] said. "What's the point?"

The priestess-- named Georgia, by the way-- vouches for the story as well. The incumbent says she lost her purse "a while back" and that explains the checks. When's the last time you lost your wallet/purse and didn't get around to canceling checks and credit cards for a few weeks? The checks did bounce, but then money orders backed up the original owed funds. Bizarre.

- Who filed the report? It seems that the opponent was taken aback by the police report; maybe a supporter of his?

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danarch said...

Umm... I have to check, but depending on what they could consider solicitation for murder, maybe death "rituals" are included. I guess it depends on how superstitious the legislators were when they drafted the laws on this issue. I have a feeling that it might count; if it worked, then it will be a nice boost for voodoo.