Friday, October 10, 2008

How Many Ways Can it be a Down Year for the Browns?

On political debate within my favorite football organization:

Browns kicker Phil Dawson has been with the club since its 1999 expansion rebirth. This is his third presidential election since coming to Cleveland, and he said this one has been remarkably subdued inside the team.

"This has been the calmest one," he said. "I can remember open, loud, lively debates over the last couple. This year, it seems relatively quiet. You'll hear guys talk at lunch a little bit, but there haven't been arguments. Maybe we all know each other better and where everyone stands."

I find that quite surprising. I remember last election Bush came and threw footballs with the team and that Condi Rice wanted to become a part of the team's management, maybe that energized more discussion at the time.


Matt E. Ryan said...

Well, Ohio is an important state...after all, I don't see any candidates throwing footballs with my 49ers.

rolub said...

No wonder the team's struggling this year. Their LT and primadonna backup QB are endorsing the projected loser.