Monday, October 06, 2008

Eminent Domain is for Suckers. Annexation on the Other Hand...

Indiana is all about annexation (previous post here):
A crucial decision expected tonight could determine the path of the latest annexation tussle to hit Central Indiana. Bargersville and Greenwood officials remain confident as they hammer out their differences at the negotiation table rather than risk a costly showdown in front of a county judge.
At stake is valuable land in development-ripe White River Township.
"There is an awful lot of tax money there," Armstrong said of the annexation area. "The other side of it is controlling the growth. Who's going to have the better plan for controlling the growth and having what the people of the area want?"

"You've got Greenwood and Bargersville fighting, but nobody actually cares about the residents of White River Township," said Dennis Gamache, 65, who has lived in the township since 1985.

"Center Grove, that's my property, and not yours for you to be able to come in and annex," Gamache added. "There's no consideration for us. They need to realize we're alive here."

Hat Tip: Matt Ryan's quote of an anonymous professor for the label.

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