Thursday, October 30, 2008

MNF Ruins My Perfect Election Season

I have carefully avoided interveiws and debates throughout this entire election process. It's something I'm pretty happy about, that instead of watching these socialists discuss how they plan to level our liberties, I have spent time with the family or at least watching good TV.

I have received no help on in my avoidance, however, from TV. Late night shows I expect this from, but I was truly annoyed when they canceled The Office for the VP debate. I didn't go for their ploy to con me into watching the campaign just because my show wasn't on.

However, the next stooge in the game is ESPN's Monday Night Football. DURING the game, they will be splicing Chris Berman's one-on-one interviews with each of the candidates. WTF! Now I would have to avoid the entire game just to dodge the inane double talk of the campaign. Unfortunately, my interest in hoping Pittsburgh loses some ground will outweigh my desire to dodge the election, thereby ruining my otherwise perfect record of indifference.

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