Saturday, May 24, 2008

If I May Defend Dr. Jones

Russian Communists are upset about the new Indiana Jones movie, and are calling for a national boycott, saying
that the Soviet Union in 1957 "did not send terrorists to the States," but launched a satellite, "which evoked the admiration of the whole world."
If I may add, the Soviet Union also starved its own people, persecuted dozens of groups like minority races, ethnicities, earth scientists, and religious denominations. In order to put that satellite in space, the most powerful totalitarian regime that has ever stalked the earth devoted countless resources away from more functional uses that could have improved the standard of living of millions and prevented many of their unnecessary deaths. All to boost the ego of those few with power in Moscow. The absence of trust, reputation, and charity that flourishes and grows in Capitalist society has left a cultural deficit in Russia that continues to plague their society even to this day.

That is the legacy of the Soviet Union. Banning Indiana Jones won't change that.

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