Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now I've got a motiviation!

I've decided that the Great Cash Free Challenge is also my personal hunger strike against the Treasury Department for its discrimination against the blind.

Shouldn't all checks be different sizes too, based on value? If you got a bigger rebate check from Uncle Sam, shouldn't it vary by amount according to this logic?

Dana, tell me this isn't true.


danarch said...

Wow... that cash case was totally from left field. Can't wait to hear SCOTUS' take on this. I don't know enough about the ADA rules and the "undue hardship" standard that the court is requiring of the Treasury. Coins are different sizes though - I wonder why?

Justin M Ross said...

It seems I have heard of private currency in other currencies already having these features, which makes sense. In order to be competitive, you would want to be able to attract blind customers as well. I have no immediate objection to the court's ruling here, but I'll hear the arguments.

The Huntington Bank ATM on University Ave has braille on the buttons and a headset for the listener to have the directions read to them. I assume they also indicate the denominations handed out to them, but I don't know for sure.