Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Thanks to the Wright State Department of Economics

Not just for the Bachelor's Degree and providing a great undergraduate preparation in economics, but for hosting me yesterday for a talk on "Issues in Spatial Political Economy." John Blair, who served on my dissertation committee and is a WVU Ph.D. himself, invited me to speak and meet with faculty and students. I got to meet the new department chair, Dr. Eisenhauer, and visit with Tom Traynor, and finally meet Evan Osborne (check out his book on the rise of the anti-corporate movement). At my talk, both the faculty and students were engaging in providing great questions, comments and suggestions on what was a very random course of topics that ranged from published to armchair theorizing (based on paper titles, links provided when the paper is far enough along):

Assessor Incentives and Property Assessment
Income Tax Responsiveness of The Rich: Evidence from MLB Free-Agent All-Stars
May I Sit Next to You, Senator Byrd? A Spatial Analysis of Spending Votes in the Senate
Revealed Preferences for Relative Status: Evidence from the Housing Market
Does Municipality and School District Congruence Matter?
Are Municipalities with NIMBYs undermined by School Finance Reform? Evidence from Nuclear Power Plants.
Do Property Growth Assessment Caps Encourage Eminent Domain Seizures for Private Development
Does the Housing Market Explain Why Income Matters in England and Canada?

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Martin Hunter said...

My name is Martin Hunter. I am a real estate consultant involved in a number of studies in Southwest Ohio. I have a special interest in real estate tax issues, the fate of "big box" retail, the forecast for housing development, the role of tax incentives in development decisions, and the role of planning departments in shaping regional development. I am base in Centerville. (937) 885-5411. Keep me posted.