Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here is a piece on Radiohead from CNN; some of the TPS faithful are big fans, so I'll pass the word along.

I was under the impression that I had posted previously about their pay-what-you-feel album release, but I don't see it in the archives. It was actually a great vehicle by which to address a lot of issues in my Public Economics section last fall. Public goods, strategic thinking both by the band and the consumer, it really covered it all. For the record, I gave five pounds.

For the record, Radiohead is the most (only?) consistently popular-while-experimenting band of my lifetime, and probably the most since Pink Floyd. I personally am not a huge fan of Pablo Honey, and the Bends really hasn't grown on me either, though I would attribute that at least partially to not getting into Radiohead until around 1997. Ok Computer, Amnesiac and Hail to the Thief are all absolutely stunning works, and will continue to be for a long while.

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danarch said...

My first taste of Radiohead was Creep (1992) and I've bought since The Bends; I've found each album to be just part of a journey to the Nirvana which Radiohead is going toward. Interestingly enough, in terms of lyrics and use of instruments over more electronic sounds, In Rainbows is closer to Pablo Honey.