Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm back from Montreal with a few comments.

- The Great Cash Free Challenge, International Edition, ended on Saturday at 2:15pm EST, that was 98.25 hours beyond the starting time, so the over paid. (Though barely, Rob Holub can price a bet.) There were a couple of circumstances that combined to end the scenario-- the nearby subway station was not large enough so as to sell day-long passes (and therefore having an attendee to accept a credit card), and the automatic ticket seller was non-functional. Thus, cash for subway tickets.

- I was told that Montreal would sporadically accept credit cards; either I went to the right places or that was false.

- Cabs accepted credit cards, no problem there. I suppose I could have cabbed myself around Montreal on credit cards, but that realization came after throwing down some cash for subway tickets.

- I've been told Montreal is an expensive town; I wouldn't disagree, though seemingly expensive meals do include a goodly portion of food (soup, salad and dessert were all included every place I ate) and good deals can be found with a bit of hunting. Mussels were great, as was the calamari.

- Montreal strikes me a currently clean, yet aging, town that will seem run down in about 20 years. The subway is functional and awfully frequent (thank you government over-provision) but, again, will seem outdated in the near future.

I'll still be keeping cash-free here in the U.S. for as long as possible to complete the spirit of the challenge. I can see the upcoming Pearl Jam concert as being slightly trying...otherwise, Great Wall and Jimmy John's accept credit cards, onwards and upwards.

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