Tuesday, August 19, 2008

College Presidents Try to Destroy 3 Years of Fun

I remember April 24th, 2002 quite well. It was the day drinking alcohol stopped being fun, or at least lost a great deal of its appeal. I never thought it would feel that way, in fact I thought it would be great to replace a fake ID with a real one.

According to CNN, a group of college presidents are looking to take away those 3 years of extra fun where college students can derive the cheap thrill of disobeying a stupid and pointless law. At 18 you are trusted to vote, trusted to defend the country in a time of war, and trusted to make a long term commitment like marriage (paradoxically, this can occur before 18 if you are in the exact circumstances that would lead you to make a rash decision, like teen pregnancy). Holding alcohol out until age 21 lets us be children for 3 extra years of life, and I'm hesitant to take that away from them.

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