Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Then Again, Maybe Celebrities Wouldn't Be So Bad

From the Kansas Star:
A professor at a Kansas university who dropped his pants and mooned a room full of students and teachers is under investigation after video of the incident was posted on YouTube, school officials said.

Bill Shanahan, a professor at Fort Hays State University, was at a debate with the Fort Hays State debate team last March when the incident occurred.School officials said they believe things got out of control when the team got low scores from two of the judges.

Shanahan is seen on the video jumping up and down, ranting and then mooning the crowd in the room.
Here is the YouTube link. If you are like me, you want to know more about Bill Shanahan in hopes of providing more context to the story by understanding its main character. This is cut and pasted from his webpage (includes picture):

B.S. - Speech Communication: Suffolk University (Boston, MA) 1984
M.A. - Communication (Rhetoric); Wake Forest University 1989
Ph.D. - Speech Communication (Rhetoric); University of Texas at Austin 1996

Persuasion and semantics are two classes "Bill" Shanahan loves to teach. These student-directed discussion classes are among the many classes Bill has taught over the last two years at FHSU. He has also served the role of debate coach at several other universities.

Contributed two chapters to a book on Orwell's Animal Farm, and a quantitative communication piece which got published in a mainstream communication periodical. He has also published a dissertation on Nietzche's rhetorical nihilism and is currently writing a book on Nietzsche's reception in Communist Germany.

I wonder what enrollment will be like for his next class on persuasion.

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