Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Government Should Not Produce Goods or Services

With very rare exception. From CNN:
"Remember, at the time in Chicago, the wards were really politically motivated," said the Rev. Alvin Love, Pastor at Lilydale First Baptist Church. "If you weren't onboard with the political process and people in leadership, then your garbage didn't get picked up on time and your street didn't get fixed."
And if health care, oil, food, etc become nationalized, they won't get those either.

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Unknown said...

I say we should legalize prostitution and marijuana. This will create quality home grown services right here in the United States. It will attract people from all over the world bringing their money with them. It will also lower crime rate everywhere, because drugs and pimps will all of the sudden, lose tremendous money because the value will fall. It will pascify just like the experiments in the 70s did. Think about it, alcohol had to fight for it, because people were breaking the law (prohibition) anyway. Taxing packages of marijuana cigarettes only makes sense, and it will clear out the national deficit in one year.