Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yes, I would like to report a crime!

In response to Tropical Storm Fay:

Residents can call the Collier County Sheriff's Office if they suspect extreme increases in prices for food, tools, equipment and other goods during Tropical Storm Fay.

Residents are encouraged to report price gouging, insurance fraud and exploitation to the Sheriff Office's Economic Crimes Unit at 252-8796.

Economic crimes investigators will work closely with the state's Division of Insurance Fraud and the Florida Attorney General's Office.

The "Economic Crimes Unit?" I shudder at the Orwellian nature of this. The economic crime here is price controls, and as such we should report them to themselves. Remind me to temper my sorrow for the residents of Collier County when they are on the news crying for help from FEMA.

One of the best EconTalk's ever on price gouging here.

Hat tip: Roberts at Cafe Hayek

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