Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DMV Problems Continued

As you may recall, I've had some issues with 4 DMV's around the country. The most recent events has required me to send this letter to the Kansas DMV:

Dear XX,

This is a reply to your response for my request to be issued a clearance letter from the state of Kansas (your original letter is attached). Your letter indicated that a Justin Michael Ross with birth date 04/24/1979 has a suspended license in Kansas. As you will no doubt discover from the birth certificate, social security card, and drivers license I have photocopied and attached with this letter, we are not the same person. The Justin Ross of Kansas differs from myself in two important respects:

1. Driving ability
2. Birth date.

#1 is proven by his license suspension in Kansas, while #2 requires a mathematical proof:

Proof 1: 1979 – 1981 = -2
Proof 2: 1981 – 1979 = 2

Because of the age discrepancy, I have denied your request for a police report of ID theft, for the Indiana State Patrol have assured me that arithmetic mistakes by the Kansas Department of Revenue does not constitute the theft of my identity by Justin Ross of Kansas.

I will be expecting my clearance letter soon, you may keep the $6 fee.


Justin M. Ross of Indiana, formerly West Virginia


Unknown said...

Never thought about this kind of discrepancy at DMV Kansas .

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