Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peer Review Survey

CHE has a story regarding a survey of researchers' opinions on the peer review process, and what I would think is of little surprise is the belief that the reviewers are incompetent.
"Anyone who's ever received a negative review" of a journal manuscript is likely to call the reviewers incompetent—"that's just human nature," he said.
I agree and have tried to not bend to this bias too much, so that I don't wind up joining the Thin-Skinned Scholars Movement.

Addendum: On the other hand :) if a referee rejects your paper on the grounds that your Bayesian regression has omitted variable bias because you did not control for spatial autocorrelation in the error term, they actually are unqualified for reviewing the paper. If you are nerdy (and I mean really nerdy) enough you can identify the two incredible mistakes that disqualify that complaint.


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