Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Mountaineer Jeffersonian

I am pleased to announce the inaugural issue of The Mountaineer Jeffersonian, West Virginia University's newest publication. First off, I love the name. That's 26 letters in three words, and one of them is "the."

From the byline:

"No government out to be without censor; and where the press is free, no one ever will."

- Thomas Jefferson

Articles include "The Subprime Meltdown: Greed or Government" and "A Declaration of Independence".

The Mountaineer Jeffersonian, for providing a beacon of freedom in oppressive West Virginia, gets the TPS Seal of Approval.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, this newspaper is not a true piece of journalism. It may pass in some junior high schools, but certainly not on a university campus. There is not a single fact in this paper that isn't surrounded by opinions or biases. And one of the opinion writers should know the difference between Communism and Totalitarianism before he writes an entire article on how the former is a situation in which "a government has complete control over its people." Yeah, it's an opinion article, but last I heard opinions are based on facts.
I'll be sticking with the DA.

The Don Killuminati said...

The Anonymous coward that posted before me objects the fact that the Mountaineer Jeffersonian is a Liberty oriented newspaper that critically analyzes the totalitarianism of the Republicrats.

Freedom and the understanding of real economics (read or F.A. Hayek)is somehow confusing to most Obamanots.

Anyways, any individual with half a brain can easily realize that the previous post has no substance and is only filled with Ad-Hominems.

Keep up the good work!

and as always...

Montani Semper Liberi

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