Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Wouldn't Bother With This Either

A guide to being granted citizenship status for foreigners, by the Reason Foundation.

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Steamboat Lion said...

Much of immigration policy is a classic example of misdirected government activity - managing things that don't actually matter.

I can understand why we don't want millions of uneducated people from poor countries all arriving at once (but it IS in our interests to have a steady flow of them over time).

But why the hell do we waste time managing immigration from other advanced countries? I emigrated from Australia, but only courtesy of a US born wife.

If we had an open door to Australia how many immigrants would we really get? Or France or Germany or Japan for that matter? And they'd overwhelmingly be educated productive members of society. People who've made a conscious decision to leave a pretty comfortable life and come to the US. Why wouldn't you want as many of these people as you can get?

Yet of all the things our government could be doing it's wasting time and money on keeping such people out. Madness.