Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Best and Worst Jobs

The Wall Street Journal had an article yesterday concerning's ranking of 200 jobs. The full list is here. Mathematician tops the chart; if I could change my undergraduate major, I'd have majored in math. (Maybe math and economics.) Lumberjack is last; I've actually spoken to a few lumberjacks and they seem to enjoy what they do. Dangerous, yes, but they get to play with some pretty fun toys. By comparison, I know more accountants and I don't know anyone that particularly enjoys doing that-- yet they are #10, right ahead of economists at #11.

Also, EMT comes in #196, near the bottom, we've blogged about them before.

At a glance, the list seems to take a heavy stance on potential workplace danger.

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danarch said...

This list makes no sense nor seems to have any real measurable metrics that they were using to decide that paralegals have a better job than attorneys; I would argue that their job is worse since they have to do all the crap work without the higher pay.