Monday, January 12, 2009

Public Pie Choice

From the IndyStar:

State Sen. Allen Paul, R-Richmond, wants his fellow lawmakers to bestow the title of "Official State Pie" on this distinctly Hoosier delicacy, which is similar to custard pie, minus the eggs.

Paul's resolution also seeks to designate the city of Winchester in Randolph County the "Sugar Cream Pie Capital."

"The sugar cream pie is a regional thing that is fairly unique to Indiana," said Paul, whose district includes Winchester.


Regional foods, such as sugar cream pie and the pork tenderloin sandwich, are an important part of our culture and help explain the state's heritage, said Susan Haller, executive director of the Indiana Foodways Alliance, a nonprofit group that works to identify, promote and preserve the state's traditional food culture.

The alliance worked with Ball State University to research the pie's role in Hoosier history and lobbied Paul to introduce his resolution.

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