Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Bowl Props

TPS sportsbook consultant Rob Holub sends along this year's Super Bowl Props - 16 pages of them. During particularly large sporting events, props emerge that allow you to bet on just about any aspect of the game. I believe these happen in the Final Four and World Series as well, but none to the extent of the Super Bowl. We posted about this last year. Feel free to add in your five guesses and out-do me. All wagers are for recreational purposes, of course.

For what it's worth, I went 2-2 on the over/unders and was right about the interception/TD/Manning wager, so I'd have been slightly up.

Here's what I like:

- Steelers total points: 27, under
- Longest made FG of game: 44.5, over
- Total Interceptions thrown by both teams: 2.5, over
- Kurt Warner, longest completion: 39.5, over
- Larry Fitzgerald, total receptions: 6.5, over

Buena suerte!


rolub said...
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rolub said...

TPS Sportsbook consultant Rob here.

I read through only to the middle of page 7 before I found 5 I liked enough to post and would wager real money on, assuming that was legal in my local domicile. I stuck to wagers that only had a discrepancy of (-20) between the yes/no, over/under/ player/player odds (i.e., I was not going to list No -600 on "will the game be decided by exactly 3 points" as a wager).

My picks:
- Jersey # to score 1st TD: 38.5, Under
- Rothlisberger, rushing yards: 1.5, Over
- Holmes, longest reception: 20.5, Over
- Berger, longest punt: 50.5, Under
- Most passing yards: Warner (-21.5)

Matt E. Ryan said...

You're big on the jersey numbers...I took that bait last year and got it wrong.

Quick question-- are sacks included in rushing yards in pro football? Between college and pros, one of them counts it, and one of them does not count it. (I think.)

Anonymous said...

In the NFL, sacks are taken off of passing yards and in college they count as rushing yards.

rolub said...

TPS Sportsbook consultant Rob takes this year's battle in dominating fashion, 5-0 to 2-2-1.

I'd like to thank nobody other than myself for going 5 for 5.