Saturday, January 24, 2009

Questions Answered

Dubner writes:
But still, I smell a case for the American Humanist Association or some atheists’ rights group. The A.H.A. and others recently tried — and failed — to have the phrase “So help me God” removed from the presidential oath of office. Maybe it’s time for them to tackle the N.F.L. Why is it O.K. to praise the Lord but not, say, make a snow angel? If the atheists can’t gain any traction in the N.F.L., maybe they can take on Tim Tebow with his “John 3:16″ eyeblack patches.
Because the NFL players are part of a private enterprise, while government officials are not, that is why.

Now if they were posting the 10 commandments on a taxpayer subsidized stadium, then I'd be willing to hear the arguments.

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Anonymous said...

If they go after Tim Tebow, they will have to reckon with the Gator Nation. And the Gator Nation... ::whispers:: is everywhere.