Monday, January 19, 2009

The Inauguration's "Prostitution Free Zone"

WUSA9 reports:
WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- District police have placed signs along 5th and I Streets. They read, "Warning, Prostitution Free Zone." Those who disobey could be fined 300 dollars, and even jailed.
This is interesting because in the distinction between law and legislation, prostitution seems to remain in some sort of gray area between the two. The legislation reads that is illegal (except in Rhode Island and Nevada) but the law is clearly something else. After all, CNN is able to report on a national auction for a San Diego woman's virginity without any her demonstrating any apparent legal concern.

If the law truly were against prostitution in D.C. there would be no reason for the sign indicating a "Prostitution free zone." That is not the case, outside the zone the law is something else. Prostitution is illegal but not necessarily against the law.

My personal belief is that this is a part of an enforcement strategy for other laws, that the legislation serves as a credible threat. A police officer can solicit information about the criminal world (one in which the women are forced into by the legislation) because they have the legislation behind them. Of course this also allows police to solicit other services as well. James Bovard at FEE has claimed that the D.C. police occasionally use this law to seize cars from potential Johns.

Whatever prostitution legislation is about, I do not believe it is about the sex between consenting adults.


MIDNIGHT said...

It's a stupid law.Fast food kills more people than prostitution.This why I didn't vote for Obama people have the right to do what they want as long as it doesn't affect other people.Another law to control us.

Anonymous said...

Hey "oliva", let me know how you feel about prostitution when you live in a prostitute infested neighborhood, and there are dozens of johns parked outside your house day and night, and your street is littered with used condoms. You are an idiot.