Friday, January 09, 2009

What Might Milton Friedman Have in Common with Michael Moore?

Both have been accused of misleading interviews in documentaries:
Milton Friedman interviewed me for an hour. It took me about 10 minutes to realize he wasn’t interviewing me. He was trying to get me to say what he wanted me to say. I was willing to be the poster girl, but not to be ventriloquist’s dummy. He wanted me to say that, had I gone to a state school, I would not have been as motivated to learn. That wasn’t true and I wouldn’t say it. MF wasn’t a happy bunny; it was easy to read his displeasure.
Sometimes it takes 30 years or so to get around to disputing these things. I, at least, can't possibly see how Milton Friedman would have valued a data point hypothesizing on motivation differentials that would have arose in alternate realities, but I believe her that she feels this way. The video showing the Free to Choose scene in question can be found here.

I found more interesting, however, this video of a "debate" between Milton Friedman and Naomi Klein. Please enjoy:

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