Monday, January 19, 2009

Evolution of Sexism: From Voting to Hot Tubs

In having breakfast with family over the weekend, I enjoyed the following paraphrased discussion of the amenities provided by the gym they were all members of:
Anonymous Relative 1 (AR1): I think it is terrible that the mens locker room has a hot tub, while the womens does not.

Male members of the club react by describing the nuisance of the hot tub, as it is usually in disrepair and takes up space that could be used for more lockers, which they believe are in greater need.

Anonymous Relative 2 (AR2): Well, it is not just the hot tub, but the mens locker room is always closer to the pool, volleyball court, or whatever so that the women always have to walk further.

AR1: That's right, and I just think it is terrible that such sexism still exists in society today.
It used to be movements to vote, or legally permitted to own property or even work. Now it is arguing over a hot tub in the locker room and minimized distance to the pool. In the broader context of world history, we live in a truly marvelous age and country.

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